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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Korean Noodles for a Snack*~*!~

Hey guys, how have you been? We've been pretty busy enjoying ourselves in Singapore eating and shopping.. Food Queen came back from her Cambodia and Bangkok trip about a week ago so here's a new post!

We ate at this korean restaurant when I was over in NZ last year...

Served with pickles but we were hoping for more korean side dishes like they always serve...

Deep Fried Dumplings (12 pieces) --> $10

These were deep fried and a little too oily for our liking. Overall it was average but we probably would not order it again.

Soybean Sauce (including pork) with noodles --> $9

What caught our attention in the first place was these noodles. They're commonly known as "jia jiang mian" for chinese noodles and in korean the name is somewhat similar. The noodles were flavoursome when mixed with the black sauce and pretty chewy. I would have liked to see more meat given however, the noodle portion was good and we were pretty full after. Good enough for me to be back for more! Reasonable price for such a large bowl too.

They're located at Upper Queen Street, Auckland

Monday, January 18, 2010

Auckland Scenary

After all the massive food bloggings that we've had, we've been doing a few lighter posts. Wonder how the first month of 2010 is coming along for you guys... Food King and & I were exploring Auckland when he was here... Look at how pretty the clear blue skies and wide open green fields are, it's so calm and tranquil.

Love during Winter & Spring

Don't worry, after this post we'll be back to food again! Stay tuned people

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hall Of Fame

Check out New Zealand's Hall Of Fame at Sylvia Park

Can you spot Homer?

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice Skating and cute photos

Food King & I went ice skating in Auckland and it was so fun. We really cherished all the fond memories we've had together.

Saw the cutest car, ever.

Omg, just look at the design! How awesome is that?!

I want a car like that too!

And Food King spotted this adorable boxer shorts! It gave us such a laugh :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hotplate in NZ

Starting 2010 with Mum's hotplate in NZ when Food King was there...

How was NYE? I'm guessing most people in Singapore would probably head over to the Esplanade for the fireworks, Siloso Beach at Sentosa, countdown in Orchard Rd or have a party at home, hehe. No doubt that a lot of people would have a massive hangover too :P

So here's a good home dinner to start off

Mushrooms, kumara, pumpkin, potatoes, peppers, lamb french style, beef, prawns, gyoza (dumplings) & salad.

It was so yummy! Thanks Mum, for always cooking such delicious food and all the hard work you've done to prepare this special dinner. It was a feast!!