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Monday, June 15, 2009

Random pictures

Food Queen is busy having her exams so we'll just post random pics for now :)

These pictures were taken on the 21st of Dec 2008 when Food Queen and I were on a bus passing by Orchard Rd.

Look at the truckloads of people waiting to cross at the traffic light...

Outside Plaza Singapura: Trying to get people to donate blood

During Christmas season, there was props made to illustrate different stories in the Bible. This shows the fishermen catching loads of fish after listening to Jesus.

Look at the nice decor in Plaza Sing! Food Queen loves the angels, she says they're so pretty.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Modanyaki, Takashimaya

Modanyaki - A small but very popular outlet in the basement of Takashimaya. I never actually noticed the name of this outlet until I took a picture :P There's always a queue whenever we go there to buy the food but they're pretty quick!

They cooked it right in front of us

We had the Jap fried noodle with egg in Jap sauce.

It's basically fried noodles with the jap sauce and I'm guessing mayo with bbq sauce too. It's pretty oily but it tastes good! I can't finish this by myself as it gets too overpowering at times so I normally share this. I can't remember the exact price but I think it was about $4.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wong Kok HK Cafe

Hello dear readers,

This is Food King. Welcome once again to our blog and we want to thank you for your continuous support*!~ We've been very busy atm, so do excuse us for the late blogging and random pictures of animals. I will be in NZ in less than 2 weeks! Super exciting.

This restaurant is called Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, Hong Kong Restaurant.

Food Queen and I were at Bugis Junction when we passed by this restaurant. For hk food we've been trying Xin Wang Hk Cafe so we decided to give this place a try. Do bear in mind that our previous posts have been screwed cos we changed our template.

I was surprised to know that they even have an ambassador. The ambassador's name is Kwok Chun On and he is quite a popular Hong Kong actor whom you can see in drama serials. Since he is the ambassador for Wong Kong, I believe that this is a branch of authentic hk food. Sadly, we were disappointed.

Interior of the restaurant. It was quite empty when we entered because we went in at about 9.30pm and they were just about to close. We were the last customers to enter the place, apart frm 2 other tables already eating there. We saw many pictures outside the restaurant and they seem to be quite popular among Singaporeans (although I can't think why...). I guess 4.8 million people in a small city makes every restaurant crowded. The staff were from China and couldn't speak much english, the same problem with Nan Xiang.

Ice Yuen Yang (Mixed coffee and tea) @ $3.60

I ordered this drink and I was surprised with the way that they served it. The idea of serving the drink in a bowl surrounded by ice was unique. I was happy with it because you don't have to worry about the drink getting diluted by the ice. The ice also keeps the drink cold and maintains the taste. Good idea.

This drink was a mix of coffee and tea and it seems to be quite a common drink served in hk. Initially it tasted weird as both the coffee and tea flavours were quite strong however once you get used to the taste, it actually does taste quite unique. I got used to it after awhile, although Food Queen didn't like it.

The picture above isn't the first drink they served us. They actually served us the drink but it was barely 3/4 of the cup and we were quite annoyed. Food Queen and I told the waitress about it and she filled it up (to how it looks like above).

Chicken Fillet Pasta (Spaghetti) with Sweet and White Sauce @ $10.90

Food Queen ordered this dish and it wasn't appetising. She ordered it because she thought it was different. However, the sweet sauce wasn't sweet and the white sauce was very bland. Basically, there wasn't much difference between the sauces. As shown in the above picture, the portion looks pretty pathetic. The food was squashed, putting it on a plate would have been much better. They gave very little pasta, which went with the measly amount of sauce they gave.

There was nothing special about the tomato based sauce, it tasted just like beef bolognese. There was no uniqueness in the dish; it was very plain and the cream sauce had no ingredients. Although it's supposed to be a 'mix' of both sauces, they gave much more of the 'sweet' sauce, which was something we didn't expect. Food Queen didn't finish the food and was extremely dissatisfied.

Beef Baked Rice with Cream Sauce @ $9.50

This dish was a disappointment and I will never have this again. When I first saw this from the top, the serving seemed to be quite big however, beneath the aluminium foil was a plastic bowl. Tsk. They gave very little rice and the serving was much smaller than the Cheese Beef Baked Rice I had in Xin Wang. For a mere 40cents more, I would much rather have the one at Xin Wang. You would think that food served in aluminium foil would be hot but the food at Wong Kok was only warm. They didn't give much beef either and the cheese was very bland. Couldn't taste anything and it wasn't filling!

Overall I feel that the dishes served in Wong Kok wasn't as nice as the ones in Xin Wang and I would have rather gone to a hawker centre. The prices here are above normal hk places plus the food was sucky with measly portions. The only thing I found unique was the way they served the drinks.

We went in at 9.30pm and there were only 3 tables in the whole restaurant (including us), so there was no reason as to why they served us food of such standards. It wasn't busy and it wasn't peak hour (obviously). At least Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao always serves awesome food yet they're always packed; thumbs up for their consistent quality.

200 Victoria Street
#02-50 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6336 2003
Fax: 6336 9317