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Friday, November 28, 2008

Additional Comments from FK

Hi all loyal readers and faithful FQ,

I want to thank Food Queen for making the effort to come back on the 22nd November with the intention of celebrating my birthday. We have waited for this day for a very long time. It is like we are waiting to see each other at the end of every year. It is tough but I believe that through all our perseverance, we will go through thick and thin together. Thank you Food Queen, you brightened up my day on 24th November 2008. I also want to thank Food Queen for making the effort of adding entries in the blog while I was M.I.A. (Missing In Action). We are always together and we have alot of fun.

I would like to comment more on the entry that Food Queen posted November 26, 2008. Lunch at Out Of The Pan was wonderful. Although Food Queen didn't really like the Seafood Jungle crepe, I loved it alot. It is like seafood fruit salad wrapped in crepe. The sweetness of the fruit compliments the seafood in the crepe. I guess the word jungle was relating to the vegetables and fruits in the crepe. It is a recommended dish on the menu. I was indeed going crazy over the potato salad because I am a carbo lover!!! The potato salad is unique because the skin of the potato is purple and I thought that they were onions. After every mouthful, the salad had a sweet after taste and it was so nice. Carbo lovers should give it a try. =)

Dinner at Shokudo,the Japanese Pasta and Pizza Restaurant was unique. It is similar to Waraku de Pasta. I have to admit that Waraku de Pasta has more variety and they have different set meals which gives customers more choices to choose from. Shokudo may lose out based on the variety of pasta available in their menu. Although it was something worth noting for Shokudo, we were thinking if Shokudo should start a birthday month set meal that allows customer to enjoy their birthday dinner in the restaurant. Swensen is a good example where they give customers free ice cream on their birthday. You just have to present your Identity Card to prove to them that it is indeed your birthday. I am not asking Shokudo to give free pasta, but maybe they should consider providing a special set meal which provides free dessert? Or perhaps a discount? They can then attract more customers and customers would be more willing to part with their money for a delicious set meal. I will see it as a win-win situation.
Enjoy eating everyone!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fruit Flo, New Zealand Natural

Been wanting to blog about this for quite sometime now. I love the fruit flo at NZ Natural. I've always thought NZ Natural would be cheaper in NZ cos it's NZ natural right. But apprently it's the same price as the NZ Natural in Singapore =/ And you have the exchange rate difference and stuff. Ok anyway, I always have the 'berry' fruit flo. Just tell them that and they'll know what you're talking about! Haha. Choose all the berries and you get such a delicious mix. Price: $5+

Valentino's Gelato Ice-cream


Had ice-cream at Valentino's Gelato. Located at Auckland City near the ferry ride.

We had Chocolate and Tiramisu :) Very very nice! Mmm. Price: $4.50 per scoop

Fullers ferry ride

Food Queen:
I've always loved the ferry ride (Fullers) from Half Moon Bay to Auckland City however they are ending the service in January! Oh no :( Am so sad cos I love it. Boo hoo. But I managed to catch one last ferry ride before I left NZ :)

Weather was beautiful and I went with my mum :) We had such a lovely time. Pics! Enjoy =)

Sushi at Auckland Airport

Food Queen:

Hello all, sent Big Toot off yesterday. She took Singapore Airlines :D She's going back to Singapore. Pics of Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand.

Had sushi at the airport (our tradition!) (Price: $11.80) Sushi here is always fresh!

Such a cute shop :P

Pics of Auckland International Airport

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fish Soup Noodle at Plaza Singapura

One of the things I miss most about Singapore is the Fish Soup Noodle at Kopitiam (food court), Plaza Singapura.

You can choose to have it in a normal sized bowl or a large bowl (and they add extra fish). The soup is just heavenly and the fish is soft on the inside yet crispy on the outside. You can choose what kind of noodles you want and it comes with vegetables and some seaweed.

Can't remember the price :S I've tried this dish at several other kopitiams but so far the one at Plaza Sing seems to be the best :)

Since Christmas is coming, I've decided to post older Christmas pics of Sg. Yay, I'm returning to the city of lights.. and char kway teow.

Orchard Rd

The biggest ferris wheel in the world, the Singapore Flyer.

And... other pics :) Vivocity, Esplanade, etc.

Ok, back to my korean drama :D Bye!