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Friday, November 14, 2008

Fish Soup Noodle at Plaza Singapura

One of the things I miss most about Singapore is the Fish Soup Noodle at Kopitiam (food court), Plaza Singapura.

You can choose to have it in a normal sized bowl or a large bowl (and they add extra fish). The soup is just heavenly and the fish is soft on the inside yet crispy on the outside. You can choose what kind of noodles you want and it comes with vegetables and some seaweed.

Can't remember the price :S I've tried this dish at several other kopitiams but so far the one at Plaza Sing seems to be the best :)

Since Christmas is coming, I've decided to post older Christmas pics of Sg. Yay, I'm returning to the city of lights.. and char kway teow.

Orchard Rd

The biggest ferris wheel in the world, the Singapore Flyer.

And... other pics :) Vivocity, Esplanade, etc.

Ok, back to my korean drama :D Bye!

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