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Monday, May 11, 2009

Nanxiang Steamed Bun restaurant

Hello people, Food Queen here :) Hope you guys enjoyed Food King's posting on NYDC and Cafe Iguana. Since we haven't done asian food for sometime, today's post will be about Nanxiang Steamed Bun restaurant; they serve yummy Shanghai food. I've only tried Shanghai food a couple of times so when my girlfriend introduced me to this place, I was pleased to see the variety of dishes and the good quality. Food King didn't come along on this one so he just looked at the pics :p

Another thing I have to say is thanks Food King, for having all the pictures watermarked. So sweet <3

He did it all on his own plus he uploaded the pictures for me *hugs

Anyway Nanxiang is located at Bugis, one of the most crowded places in Singapore. Convenient as it's located near the shops and I like the ambience!

If you come in groups of 4 you can sit at the comfy sofas however since it was my girlfriend & i, we couldn't :( It wasn't even crowded and it was only 6pm on a weekday but when we asked the China staff if we could sit there, they insisted that people had already reserved those seats. C told me they do it all the time, just in case people in groups of 4 really do show up. How annoying.

The staff was quite attentive since there were so many of them but the bad thing was that the majority of them couldn't speak english, which made it hard for us to order so C did the ordering instead.

View of the kitchen.

Cute boxes used to hold chinese dumplings were used as a 'wall'. I thought this was really cute.

Random pic of the goodness to come

C did all the ordering since she knew what dishes to have and she wanted me to try a few. The only thing I insisted on was the Bean Sauce Minced Pork Noodle (picture shown above) because it's one of my favourite chinese noodles and I wanted to see the standard of that in this place.

So here's what we had:

Braised Sauce Duck Drumstick - $6.80

The duck was surprisingly good as the meat was tender and quite soft. I liked the sauce too, it went well with the duck. Good portion & worth ordering, I would have it again.

Sweet Bean Paste Pastry - $3 (2 pieces)

This was unique as there was bean paste inside the pastry. It was quite sweet and was a little more of a dessert for me however, it was good. I liked the sesame seeds on top too.

Nanxiang Dumpling Soup - $6

This was just a clear soup with 8 dumplings. I thought this dish was authentic and the dumplings were nice! C said she had this every day when she was in Shanghai.

Bean Sauce Minced Pork Noodle - $7

This is the famous "jia jiang mian" most chinese people like to eat. This usual crowd pleaser was good and I like the fact that the bean sauce wasn't as spicy as the one at Crystal Jade. Noodles were quite good too. I wanted to bring Food King here to have this but we ran out of time :(

King Size Nanxiang Crab Roe Steamed Soup Bun - $6.80

Ahhh.. this was definitely unique. It was the first time I had a chinese bun on it's own cos it normally comes in 5 or 6. They give you a straw to sip the soup! I was quite scared of drinking it, cos it was so hot. It's the most expensive bun there because it's (king size) crab roe and it's famous in Shanghai.

There's bits of crab roe in there as well and you can eat the whole bun. I thought this was unique because I have not seen it anywhere else but sad to say, I didn't like the soup as much as I like the pork dumplings (xiao long bao) at Crystal Jade. Those dumplings really hit the spot. The bun skin was too thick as well and I didn't finish it.

Fresh Pork Filling Steamed Bun - $6 (6 pieces)

Pork dumplings - I thought these were okay.

Cinnamon Flower Sticky Cake - $4.20

Another Shanghai delicacy I have not tried before. C kept raving about this, she kept saying how the cinnamon flowers (which are the little bits of tiny stuff on top) are really nice and apparently it's famous in Shanghai as well, although I'm not too sure about that one. This was also quite sweet (I think) and I liked the sticky cake, yum!

Golden Pumpkin Cake - $3.60 (2 pieces)

This was filled with pumpkin and it was delicious. I always save the best for last and this was a good 'dessert' to finish off the meal. Sweet & tasty. The full flavour of the pumpkin was brought out and I never knew pumpkin could be served this way. Delish.

Salt and Pepper Cashew Nut Pastry - $3.20 (2 pieces)

The cashew nut pastry was taken together with bean pastry because we ran out of room on our table, haha. To be honest I can't really remember how this tasted so I guess it must be so-so. One thing for sure, the overall taste & quality of the food in Nanxiang was a thumbs up and I liked all the dishes, apart from the pork dumplings which were just average.

They also had quite a wide range of dishes plus most of the dishes were quite unique. Pleasant ambience and good location. Lovely dinner, will most definitely be back again :)

Note: Do call them and make reservations especially on weekends because the queue can be quite long, even up till 9pm and their last order is at 9.30pm

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

200 Victoria Street #02-53
Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

Phone: 6835 7577
Fax: 6835 7877


Anonymous said...

I've been there before. Spent about $35 per person and the staff wasn't that efficient

Beem said...

Chinese? Mm

Anonymous said...

Ooh the food looks yummy!