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Monday, December 14, 2009


Hey guys, Food Queen here and just an update to let everyone know that most posts here are scheduled in advance and are not actually written or posted at the time shown on the blog. The reason I'm posting this is because yesterday a friend just asked how we were going to blog if I am going to be away... Hahaha, oops! =))

Anyway, I will be leaving for Sydney tomorrow and will be having a great holiday there!! We'll also be heading over to Gold Coast, and I simply cannot wait! Excitinggggg. White sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters, awesome theme parks, exploring Sydney (last time I went there was years ago!) and of course, spending quality time with family, relatives & cousins that are gonna be there too.

We'll be spending Christmas & New Year's over there that's why I've already scheduled all our posts so that this blog will be regularly updated, hehe.

After I leave Australia, I'll be back in NZ for 1 night before I fly back to Singapore for non-stop shopping & eating!! Woohoo. Buffets and suppers, here I come! I've seen pictures of Singapore's new Somerset 313 and The Ion and I was like, whoa. I also cannot wait to see Singapore Universal Studios, Marine Life Park & Equarius Water Park, not sure if they'll be ready by 2010 though. Perhaps next year :)

Happy holidays everyone!!