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Friday, April 3, 2009

Let's have Pepper for lunch! Pepper lunch!

Dear Readers,

Food King here and our Food Queen had her test on Wed, hope she did well!

Today's entry will be on a Japanese restaurant called Pepper Lunch.

They describe themselves as an affordable D.I.Y. fast food steakhouse with over 200 outlets in Japan.

I remember the first time this restaurant open their outlet in Takashimaya there was such a long queue and they were so busy. I could smell the food from a distance and I was practically salivating outside the restaurant. It's a DIY place so the smell of grilled food was all around! I think almost every Singaporean would have tried the food here because it's pretty popular.

Sad to say, the queue only lasted for a few weeks then it died down like any other craze in town. I personally prefer the outlet at Takashimaya although the outlet at Lido is pretty full most of time for dinner, especially on weekends. There are also lunch express outlets at Bugis and Raffles City (can't remember the others) and the outlets are in the food court so the food is like a dollar or two cheaper since the ambience is different.

Beef Pepper Rice @ $8.90.

This is my favourite dish at Pepper Lunch and I only order this although I heard their steak is pretty good too. The beef is served raw on a sizzling hot plate and there's rice mixed with butter, corn and spring onion in the centre of the hot plate. I think it was rather smart of Pepper Lunch to place that white paper thing around the plate cos people might often burn their elbows in the process of cooking and eating. Food Queen always leaves it there cos she's scared she might burn herself... Good safety pre-caution, haha.

The following pictures will show the steps needed to mix the rice.

Step 1: Enjoy the view of the beef sizzling on the hotplate (You can skip this step... Haha)

Btw, the beef cooks pretty fast so be sure to turn your beef over the moment you get your dish and start mixing the rice and butter inside. Mmm.

Step 2: You can add different sauces to give it more flavour. I've tried just mixing the rice and butter without any sauces but it was really bland. From then on, we always mix loads of sauce because it makes the rice sweet and it brings out the flavour of the beef. There's Honey Brown sauce, Garlic sauce & black pepper. Yummy!

Step 3: You start mixing all the food together and eat!

The food comes piping hot and it's cooked on the spot, so it tasted really good. The first time I ate this with Food Queen, we didn't know how what to do and we were quite lost, haha. I find it quite fun because you can be your own chef. The portion is pretty good, I always get full everytime I have this so it's worth $8.90 although of course I hope it would be cheaper :p
They also have student discounts as well.

This dish is the Salmon Pepper Rice. Instead of using beef, salmon is used instead. The process is repeated all over again. Be careful as to not cook the salmon for too long, it may get stuck onto the hot plate and get charred. I've only tried this once but I didn't really like it... I thought the beef was waay better.

Food Queen ate pepper lunch with her friends and the above picture is a glass of green tea. I think she told me the green tea was really weird :S

Pepper Lunch also has plenty of other dishes available so be sure to check out their website at

I hope that they would open more outlets around Singapore because the 2 main places are at Orchard Rd and I just love the food there. Wish I could have one now :)


Anonymous said...

Hehehe, have to admit it looks yum! =D

Mandy said...

That's unique jap food..

Zacharyhappy said...

it seem so delicious,,
just only can buy it in singapore??
can i buy it in Hnog Kong??
and this is what type of foods??

hope you can post another food post!!