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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Singapore Island Country Club

I know it's late for CNY postings, but what the heck I've got so many CNY celebrations I never got round to posting!

So let's get started with the first one... We had our first reunion dinner? at Singapore Island Country Club (Sicc). The food was pretty good and it was so much better than last year's CNY dinner, which was held at SRC. Quite a few people also said that the food was of higher quality as compared to other restaurants during CNY period.
I hate it when restaurants try and rush you into eating so they can have more customers. They did it to me when I was having my birthday celebration at Crystal Jade Tim Sum and it was really irritating. They would serve the food really quick... but anyway, I'll tell that story another day.

Anyway, this is just food pics cos I don't know the cost or the actual names. Lol.

You can read about the CNY traditions I wrote about in my earlier post here. And just in case you're too lazy to open the link, I'll re-post my earlier posts about the CNY custom.

To start off, we had the traditional CNY custom - Loh Hei. This dish is actually called Yu Sheng/Yee Sang, which literally means raw fish. It's raw fish (salmon/tuna/abalone) mixed with vegetables, sauces, 'golden nuggets' [fried crunchy crisps], among other ingredients. Yu sheng bascially means an increase in abundance, since fish sounds like abundance when pronounced. It also symbolises prosperity and longevity.

The Chinese believe that 'the higher you toss, the greater your luck!". When the waitresses/waiters add the ingredients to the Yee Sang, they normally say blessings/wishes which are usually in chinese - good health, good fortune, prosperity, happy CNY, live well, for their children to do well in their studies, etc. That's one of my favourite parts of CNY, especially when everyone uses their chopsticks and tosses & mixes the Yu Sheng.

Peanuts & green chilli

Raw fish - to be mixed with the yu sheng

The sauces to be mixed

The 'original' yu sheng

After adding the raw fish

After adding the golden nuggets

Now my favourite part... Mixing! And we say all the blessings... My blessings for 2009? Good health, safety & protection for family and everyone else we care about, love, peace & we thank God for his blessings.

Look at my ultra long chopsticks! They're so long cos you're supposed to mix the stuff with it... Not supposed to use those chopsticks to eat the food. Big toot and I were fooling around...

Normal chopsticks & the long chopsticks

After mixing - only managed a shot because everyone was about to eat!

Shark's Fin Soup

This was good, I think I had 2 bowls cos Big toot didn't want hers. My family stopped ordering Shark Fin's soup after we heard how they cruely chop off the sharks' fins and tail and toss them back into the ocean when they're still alive, letting them sink to the bottom of the ocean while they're unable to move at all. It's just so sad man... Can't believe people actually do that kind of stuff. I saw on a Steve Irwin show on Animal Planet how he was investigating the nets that fishermen threw into the ocean and how it traps dolphins and stuff... And while he was diving around, he saw a shark with no fins and no tail and the body was just lying in the nets...

Omg it was so sad. He picked the shark up, went up to surface and told the camera this was one of the worst kind of animal cruelty possible. He then kissed the shark and said "it's all right mate" or smth like that and released the shark. I was really sad after seeing that... Anyway we've stopped ordering but when other people order especially at dinners, we would eat because we still enjoy Shark's Fin and there's no point wasting the bowls of soup. It was good btw :)

This was some fried squid with vegetables and some other stuff... Good but too spicy for me.

Duck - it was quite good and the skins were crispy


I think this was beancurd, abalone (a seafood delicacy), tofu & sea cucumber with vege

Big toot picked this up with her chopsticks and asked me in this funny tone, "tooty, what does this look like to you?".

LOL. Trust her to think of smth like that during dinner -_- (dw if you can't get it...)

Fish - not bad

Glutinous rice

This is sticky rice mixed with chicken, peanuts and other stuff. This was quite nice, pretty much everyone at my table enjoyed it. It was really fragrant. My table couldn't finish all of it so we brought some home haha.

For dessert, we had this - I think it was fried pumpkin.. Can't really rmb but it was good! Ate 2 pieces or so.

Dunno why but we had 2 desserts haha. This is Or/Orh Nee (apprently). I actually don't know the proper spelling for this cos it sounds like 'orny' so I kept googling "orny" in google until I got so annoyed cos all sorts of idiotic stuff came out. In my family we usually joke "let's order horny!" cos orny sounds like horny... In a desperate attempt I tried googling "horny tew chew dessert" and the results were even worse. Ok forget it. It's a tew chew dessert btw.

I finally asked one of my good friends and (thankfully) she told me the correct spelling. Orh Nee is basically yam that's mashed up with gingko nuts and some other stuff. It's one of my favourite desserts (besides durian and mango pudding) and I really enjoyed this.

That's the end to our fab dinner! Most of us enjoyed the food and it was like heaven as compared to last year's CNY dinner. Plus it was really nice seeing everyone on the Q side of the family. I think there were 6 tables of us?? Can't really remember...

Ok anyway, some time ago I was blogging about my favourite CNY treat? This is it...


You know in Takashimaya how they have that huge place in the centre where all the stalls are for you to buy/test CNY goodies? Well last year I went there and I tried the best green pea so this year I went back in an attempt to find that stall... There were so many people selling the same thing! I went there like 5-6 times going round and round... Usually the people accompying me get really full cos we go round eating lots of stuff.. :P

Anyway I think I tried almost every single place selling the green pea thing and so far I like this one the best. It's from Lavender and the reason I like it so much is because of the aftertaste it leaves in your mouth. It's not as chunky as some of the ones I've tasted so the green pea doesn't clog up your whole mouth. Btw I don't actually like green peas in real life, I just like this particular CNY green pea thing. It's quite sweet and it doesn't taste like how real green peas taste in real life! I bought 3 boxes of this and finished 2 on my own.. Muhaha.

I actually didn't get to finish the whole thing by the time I was leaving Singapore so I brought the remaining green peas with me up the plane (No one could bare to eat my precious green peas!). Ate them on the plane before I arrived in NZ cos customs is so strict... And I finished another packet of Sg chips on the plane too. I know, how greedy (Food King actually asked if I wanted to bring a packet of chicken rice on board -_-).

Oh, and I stuffed myself with durians before going on the plane at Changi Airport and everyone was like "Omg, are you really going up like that?"... And they were all cracking jokes about how I would burp/fart on the plane and it would be really stinky...


Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. funniest food blog! cant believe u typed in 'horny'.. LOL ;)

Anonymous said...

I love favourite fruit :)

K said...

lol at what u told me "what does this look like to u?"

rachel. said...

OH EM EFF JEE. shark's fin soup is the best soup in the world. i think it would be impossible for you to stop drinking (eating? idk) it. GAH. i wish i was drinking it right now. mommyyyy.