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Friday, July 17, 2009

Shhh... Secret Recipe

Hey guys, Food King and I have been having so much fun in NZ! :) Our total number of pictures for the Queenstown trip is 2000 pics, haha. It was amazing.

Anyway today's post will be on Secret Recipe, a relatively well-known place in Singapore. I think this will be one of our last posts on Singapore restaurants for the time being.

We went to the outlet in Plaza Singapura for dinner and we had the Christmas Set Meal. It sounded yummy!

For our meal, I chose set 1 and Food King chose set 2.

Both of us had Lobster Bisque for our soup and it was yum :)

They gave a bun as part of the soup.

I chose Secret Recipe's famous Irish Lamb Stew with Mashed Potatoes as my main. Heard this dish won an award and some of my friends rave about it, so I decided to give it a go. The lamb was surprisingly authentic and the meat was tender and delicious. Although they only gave one leg, there was lots of meat and the portion was rather good, as compared to NYDC's pathetic lamb shank.

The mashed potatoes were a horrible disappointment. They were far too hard and had no taste at all. They weren't mashed and although it looks nice in the presentation (and pictures), they were really disgusting.

Food King chose Pan-Grilled Dory Fillet with Lobster Sauce as his main and he was rather satisfied with it. The cream sauce was tasty and it went well with the fish, which was pan-grilled to perfection. The mashed potatoes were the same ones served with my lamb stew so it was also disgusting.

Food King wasn't happy about the fact that when the food was served it wasn't hot; it was warm. Freshly cooked food always taste better, don't you think?

Finally... desserts!

We were interested in the Christmas Set because of the desserts. Secret Recipe is well known for their delicious cakes, such as the Tiramisu, Chocolate Banana and Chocolate Mud Cake. We were hoping that we'd get that as part of our meal. After having our entrees and mains, we ordered our cakes however the manager told us that the 'slice of cake' was only for 4 specific types of cakes and not the entire range. We were quite disappointed because they didn't state that on the main menu/ad for christmas set. Moreover the 4 types of cakes they offered were quite bland and sounded rather boring.

I didn't take down the names of the cake we chose because they didn't taste very nice :( I've got a hitch it was Caramel Cream Cheese and Chilled Strawberry Cheese. Didn't like both of them.

Chilled Strawberry Cheese

Caramel Cream Cheese

Overall I thought the food was not bad but the dessert and mashed potatoes were a huge disappointment. I wouldn't have the Christmas set again, if they ever have it during Christmas period because the overall set meal wasn't worth it, if I only liked the soup and the main course. I'll only order the Irish Lamb Stew again if they improve on the mashed potatoes because lamb stew is never complete without delicious mashed potatoes. Besides, I'm spoiled for choice for lamb stew/shank in NZ :)

They have plenty of outlets, from Changi Airport (Terminal 2 & 3) to Marina Square and Vivocity. Check out their website for more outlets and info at