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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Casa Tua

Ladies & gentlemen, I present the first NZ restaurant that I've blogged about in a long time - authentic Italian cuisine at Casa Tua. Do bear in mind that most NZ restaurants that I blog about are in Auckland, unless otherwise stated.

Went there with my family and this was before Pink Dinosaur went back to Singapore.

We went there for dinner and it was surprisingly cosy and warm inside. They even have a small extension outdoors with heaters around. Not to worry if you're afraid of the cold as they have screens protecting you from the wind. In case you're an overseas reader, NZ is in the Southern Hemisphere and right now we're in the midst of winter. Auckland can be 0 (or minus) degrees at night or during cold days and with the Swine Flu going round, it's important to stay healthy.

I liked the ambience because it was cosy and the jazz music playing in the background was lovely. The authentic Italian cooking smells coming from the kitchen made me salivate!

Parents & friends have been there before and they recommended the Scotch Fillet so we had 3 orders of that.

I had my Scotch Fillet ($29) medium rare as I like to see a little blood and because I don't like my meat overdone. It was served with a flavoursome sauce, complete with black peppercorns. I didn't really like the peppercorns so I gave them to dad. The vegetables served was courgette, broccoli and carrots and they were yummy too.

The steak was served on top of the mashed potatoes and their portion was generous. I loved the mashed potatoes, they were soft and creamy and went well with the sauce. Perfection.

We also ordered the special, which was Pork Piccata ($26.50) - this wasn't on the menu though. A good recommendation from our friendly waitress, the pork was served with a light creamy sauce and the meat wasn't too tough or anything; it was quite tasty. It was also served with a generous portion of lovely mashed potatoes, yum!

We also had Pizza Alla Margherita ($18), which was quite a plain pizza. It had tomatoes, cheese and some basil leaves. We thought this dish was just so-so, we expected the crust to be a little thinner and the bread wasn't too nice. We'll probably try another one next time :)

Casa Tua
Ristorante Italiano
190 Fisher Parade, Farm Cove
Pakuranga, Auckland

Phone: (09) 5763739


Anonymous said...

christineeeeee! whre have you been??==(

Jen said...

this is in auckland??