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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sushi Sora

Food King and Queen are back! And we've got posts all the way for you... =)

Anyway, this was taken when Food King was in NZ. We went to Sushi Sora, which was terribly disappointing.

Ordered Sashimi Donburi ($12)

Although I thought in donburis the rice is always mixed with the meat/fish, in this case the rice was served separately. There was not much sashimi and heaps of salad, so we thought this was not good value because we wanted more sashimi! Fyi, it was not even salmon sashimi. Tsk.

We also had Don Katsu (Pork Cutlet) ($12)

Pathetic triangularly shaped rice was served separately from the pork. We were hoping it would come in a bowl, with the chicken and rice mixed together served with egg on top. Really miserable portion of rice. As for the chicken, there was a decent portion and the skin was really crispy which might have saved the day unfortunately, there wasn't much meat at all - it was more of eating just the skin.

Horrible service as well. Wouldn't bother going back again. Note that this was written based on our experiences, we had gotten a sulky faced lady who couldn't be bothered with us and others could have received excellent service and food.

Shop D2, 500 Ti Rakau Dr,
Howick, Auckland
Phone: 274 5114

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