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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nite Spice

Heya, last time we went to Nite Spice they had the lunch combo for $10.99. This is going to be a really short and straight forward post because this was the worst indian restaurant we went to in New Zealand. We thought the food was really bad! We went to the outlet in Newmarket and since they had quite a customers, we hoped the food would be good.

The offer was a main meal, drinks and naan for just $10.99. Sounds like a good deal, right? Perhaps it was too good to be true.

So we ordered drinks: Fanta orange and L&P

For our mains, we had Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken.

Badly taken pictures because what we saw was not pleasing to the eye. A tiny portion of rice, 4 pieces of naan that was cut from one big piece of naan and a small bowl of diluted curry.

When Food King & I ate in Raviz, Rangoli and other indian restaurants, we were always served big portions of naan and they came warm and soft. The naan served in Nite Spice was burnt and overly cooked in the oven. The curry tasted like the indian curry we've had in various food courts around Auckland - diluted and disgusting. Although we usually expect food court curries to be below average, we were terribly disappointed to find that Nite Spice served curries of that standard. Small pieces of meat were in the curry and they little taste either.

Before ordering, we actually asked the waiters if the curries served in the lunch special and the ordinary menu were the same, as sometimes we prefer to order from the menu itself (and not the specials) because we find that the portions and/or taste differs. In this case, the waiter assured us that the curries from the special and menu were exactly the same, so we should order the lunch special instead.

For the price we paid, the food was absolute crap and we would have much rather gone to other indian restaurants instead. Perhaps our expectations were too high but after eating at places like Raviz and Rangoli, Nite Spice did not hold a candle to them at all. It was the worst (restaurant) curry we had in New Zealand and we've never gone back.

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