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Monday, January 19, 2009

Black Angus, Stuart Anderson

Hello everyone, Food Queen here and today's post is about Black Angus Steakhouse. I've always liked ribs since I was a kid and this is one of the places that my parents bring me to have good quality steak and ribs.

It's ironic because NZ is a western country yet they don't really have ribs there. They have Denny's, this restaurant and I think the food there is terrible. I have ordered ribs there before and they practically gave me bones. The quality of steak there was terrible! I don't know how Denny's survives in NZ and I can't understand why people would choose to go there and dine. My parents hate that place.

Anyway, it's been some time since I've been to Stuart Anderson so we decided to go there for lunch. 3 of us had the set lunch and my mum had the Honey Mustard Salad (Price: $17.90). The portion was good and I like the honey mustard dressing. The veggies was nice and I like the little square bread thingys.

I also like the ambience there, it's good for family outings because of the comfy round tables and they are able to accomdate many people. I like the comfy round tables cos it looks like your own private table kinda thingy. The lights aren't too dim or too bright, they give a warm glow.

For starters, we had the Wild Wild West Onion which is all deep fried and served like a flower, which is really cute. It's obviously fattening but so good! You need at least 4 people to finish it. There was a couple on our left and they could only finish like half of the onion which was such a waste. We finished ours but was feeling quite full after. Price: $16.90

The 3 of us had the Baby Back Pork Ribs as our main for the set lunch. I think the set lunch is really worth it because it comes with a starter, dessert, drink and a side order. I chose Baked Potato Soup for my starter and Coke as my drink. Out of all the soups, I like the baked potato soup the best because I find it quite rich. They put too many potatoes so I didn't finish but overall I give it a thumbs up. You can choose coke, sprite or iced tea for your drink. Mich had iced tea. For the starters, you can choose baked potato soup, stuart's steak soup, soup of the day or garden salad.

Dad had the Stuart Steak Soup. I don't usually order this because I find the soup too filling and I don't like the large pieces of steak they give in the soup. Dad likes it though.

Dad and I chose fries as our side orders and Michelle (CEO of Baboon Tribe) chose vegetables. Omg, that baboon. Who choses vegetables?! Eww. You can choose baked potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, vegetables or fries as your side order. Ok anyway.
I really like the ribs here, the meat is soft and tender and it kinda sticks to the bone, if you know what I mean. You're definitely paying for quality here.
Last time I came here they gave really little fries, which was a big disappointment. This time they gave loads of fries... too much, and I couldn't finish :( (I don't like wasting food). It came with coleslaw too (which I didn't eat).

I recently tried the 'famous' St Louis ribs at Cafe Cartel (will post pics another day) but Stuart Anderson wins hands down. At Cafe Cartel, the meat on the bone came off too easily and I finished the entire rack in 10 mins, which isn't really a good sign. Normally if I'm really enjoying my food, I eat quite slowly so I can savour each taste and enjoy the full richness of the food. Not quite for Cafe Cartel. For the price I paid at Cartel, I might as well have ate at Stuart Anderson, where the ribs are so much better. Cafe Cartel also gave too little fries and they weren't even hot in the first place.

GST and service charge was a killer though, $20 this time... Gee. I wonder if the 10% service charge actually goes to the staff, I know some places where it doesn't go to the staff and the restaurant uses it to pay for other expenses which I think is really unfair because we don't really tip much in Singapore and the restaurant shouldn't charge service charge then, because it doesn't go to the employees!

For dessert, all 3 of us had the Chocolate Cake. It was either cake or ice-cream and the ice-cream only had 2 flavours: chocolate or vanilla. The chocolate cake was much better this time, it was rather moist (last time it was really dry) and soft. It's always nice ending a meal with something sweet eh. I finished my entire slice (Mich and Dad couldn't).

Set lunches are from Mondays to Saturdays 11.30am to 2.30pm, except public holidays. All the mains for the set lunches cost $22.90 :) I went to the Tanglin Outlet, which is located at Orchard Parade Hotel. Phone: 67341181.

Also check out their current promotions (taken from their website):

1)Prime Burger Fridge Magnets Giveaway - Collect our limited edition "Prime Burger" fridge magnets when you order any burger at our outlets.
2)Far East Feast Card Promotion - Flash your Feast Card and enjoy 10% off your total bill when you dine at our orchard parade outlet. (Terms and Conditions apply)
3)CitiBank Promotion - Enjoy 4 set lunches for the price of 3, when you dine at our Orchard Parade Hotel Restaurant. (Applicable from Monday to Friday only)

All in all we had an extremely good lunch, definitely a place to go for ribs and steak :)


anime_gal said...

Thanx for yr reviews, they r soo useful!! after seeing yr black angus photos i really feel like goin thre nw =]
keep up e gud work!

Anonymous said...

Yah.. i like black angus too. i had steak n it was good

Anonymous said...


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