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Monday, January 19, 2009

Ponggol Nasi Lemak

Food Queen: I've only eaten Nasi Lemak about 3 times since I've been back in Singapore but so far I've enjoyed the one at Ponggol the most. It's called Ponggol Nasi Lemak but it's not actually at Ponggol. They have 2 outlets and the one I normally go to is at Upper Serangoon Road, and the other outlet is at 67 Brighton Crescent. Both outlets are closed on thursdays and they're opening hours are from 5 or 6pm to 3am.

Here's a little background info on Nasi Lemak (for overseas readers): it's actually a malay dish and the direct translation is actually "rice and fat". LOL. To my horror that's actually what one of my indonesian friends told me. But you're not supposed to translate it that way, it actually means 'rice in coconut milk' because of the way the rice is cooked in coconut milk.

The rice is really fragrant on its own and it normally comes with fish cake, a spicy sauce called Sambal, egg, ikan bilis (small dried anchovies), some type of spicy vegetables called Achar and Otah. Otah is fish cake that is normally wrapped and steamed in banana leaves. The most common type of otah is fish although you can find prawn and squid otah as well.

What I really like about this nasi lemak is that the rice is so good! You can eat it with chilli or without, both taste good just the same. I personally prefer chilli though (although the chilli there is so hot) because it gives an extra spice to the food that makes my tastebuds tingle. Be prepared to drink lots of water.

Prices here are at a range because you pay for what you order at the counter. They have lots of different stuff, from vegetable curry to deep fried wantons and sotong balls. I like my nasi lemak plain, with just chilli and ikan bilis. Another great thing about this place is the way they fry the ikan bilis. They have a unique way of frying it, because just by looking at it, it doesn't taste or look like the normal kind of ikan bilis. I don't know what the difference is but I really like it. If anyone knows, please email and let me know.

Nasi lemak also usually has roasted peanuts mixed with the ikan bilis. I don't like roasted peanuts mixed with the ikan bilis and I always have a hard time with the stupid peanuts because I just want the ikan bilis! Depends on your preference. I know loads of people who love the roasted peanuts... not me. Anyway, when I went there some time ago, they actually have 2 containers for the ikan bilis now. One was the ikan bilis mixed with the peanuts, the other was just ikan bilis. Yay, was so happy.

On the other hand, their portions decreased. They used to give more rice and now it's quite obvious that they've shrunk. I almost wanted 2 plates :(
Next time I shall ask for more rice, and 2 (or 3?) helpings of ikan bilis. My absolute favourite.

They also have otah, fried egg, ngoh hiang (some kind of deep-fried pork) and crispy fried chicken. Quite a large selection :)

Went there around 10pm and there was a long line. Oh goodness. The good thing is you don't have to wait long as they're pretty fast. If you go around 2am though, there's no queue.

At the end of the counter, customers can also help themselves to cucumber slices and chilli.

We also tried the Ha Gao at the stall next door. 6 for $3.60, so we decided to try. The prawn was so mashed up and it didn't taste nice at all. Sheesh.

Can't wait to go back for more! The nasi lemak here is considered one of my maximum shiokness dishes! (Shiok = ultimate pleasure)


Anonymous said...

clap clap!!

CC said...

Isn't the ponggol nasi lemak a different store?