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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Smile for Out Of The Pan!!!=)=)=)

Food King here... YO YO!!
It has been some time since I've written a post. I have been busy with my assignments in school. So tiring and demanding... Let me complain a little before I start the post on Out Of The Pan. My assignment required three essays and each essay was limited to two pages. The definitions could not be found on most journals and I had to do quite a bit of research. I was struggling with my assignment and as a result, I was forced to spend less time with food queen (so sad...) so she has been going out with her friends. Anyway since I have completed my first assignment, I have some time to blog.

This is the second time that Food Queen and I have visited Out Of The Pan and it's really interesting to know that crepes can be made so deliciously. When I first got to know about crepes, it was served with ice cream. This is the first restaurant that I have eaten at that serves crepes as their main dish. What fascinates me most is the kitchen as they have a glass panel and curious passer-bys can enjoy the chefs making crepes and waffles. They even have a take-away corner. Interesting!

Although I love Out Of The Pan, it is quite pricey. Anyway I will talk more about the dishes and my view of the dishes.

Food Queen and I had a mega meal and it came with an appetiser and a drink.

We started our delicious lunch with potato salad. Food Queen and I love the potato salad a lot. Although Food Queen likes the mushroom soup when she tried it on our first visit,she prefers the potato salad. I asked her why and she told me that it tastes better and it has a bigger portion so I guess that it is also value for money.

For the main dish, we decided to try something different. Although I miss my Seafood Jungle Crepe, I felt that we should try something different. After much discussion, Food Queen decided to order Peking Duck Crepe and I ordered Coffee Pork Chop Crepe (If I correctly remembered... Will update this)

The Coffee Pork Chop Crepe had a mixture of a sweet and slightly bitter taste and it was really unique. It was coffee flavoured! I have only drank coffee before but have not tried a coffee flavoured dish. The bitter taste wasn't strong and the coffee scent was quite pleasant. Maybe they will have an espresso pork chop in the future? Haha! A bitter pork chop filled with caffeine! Just kidding...

As for the Peking Duck Crepe, the crepe tasted like the thin wraps that you eat together with the peking duck in a restaurant. It was just that Food Queen had a bigger portion as compared to those served in chinese restaurants. The peking duck was marinated and it came with a sweet sauce, so the overall taste was quite sweet.

After the meal, I suggested dessert and we decided on Jaffa Waffle, a chocolate waffle with orange sorbet.

The dessert came with four small squares of waffles stacking up together and a scoop of orange sorbet served at the side of it. After observing the chefs at the glass panel for some time, we also realised that the waffle presentation depends on the chefs’ creativity. Although it looks good and tasted unique, the chocolate waffle tasted bitter and it was too soft on the inside. The orange sorbet served with the waffle tasted nice but the two did not complement each other. Bitter waffle and sour sorbet… It just didn't taste right. We were not really pleased with the dessert. After eating the waffle, our throats felt so dry and we had to drink lots of water. It wasn’t so satisfying after all. We would prefer if they serve something sweet like a vanilla ice-cream.

Now let’s talk about the ambience at the restaurant. It is located at Raffles City and situated at basement 1 near the escalators and the fountain. I will have to say that they have a great location. It is based on an open air concept and they don’t have to worry about the lightings in the restaurant as it uses the lightings of the building in Raffles City. It is also a good marketing concept whereby people get to see you dine as they travel up and down the escalators. It is like 24 hours free advertising for Out Of The Pan. Patrons are blessed with nice d├ęcor hanging above their heads during festive season and they also enjoy a nice view of the fountain.

It can be quite crowded during the weekends and is a good place to relax after a long day of shopping, but as I mentioned earlier, it can be quite pricey. It is a good place for working adults but maybe not affordable for students with low income or allowances.

Now come the suggestions…

The restaurant can consider changing or adding new varieties to their menu. It can be quite dull after some time. The table at Out Of The Pan is slso a little too small and only a limited number of dishes can be placed on the table. If you intend to order sides, please request for two tables if possible. We didn’t like the way the food was served so quickly. We had barely touched our potato salads and our mains had already arrived. It was rather irritating as we had to find space to put our drinks. Oh… It was also because of the limited space on the table that we had to place our drinks and their salt and pepper at the side of the fountain. We were able to do that only because we were sitting just beside the fountain.

Nowadays students and youths are those who spend a lot so it makes sense to have a menu that caters to them. Student meals are so popular nowadays. Fast-food restaurants like McDonald's and KFC are doing that and they are so popular among the next generation. I believe that Out Of The Pan can just make a meal that is slightly cheaper to accommodate students.

Overall, I enjoyed my dining experience in Out Of The Pan and so did Food Queen. Food Queen added that it was nice but the crepes were not her cup of tea. She feels that the $22 spent on the mega menu could have been better spent elsewhere.

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Prav said...

I have walked by before but dint go eat.. a little out of my budget hahah