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Friday, February 27, 2009


Sorry for the late posts everyone but Food Queen is back in New Zealand! Sigh... can't believe I have to say goodbye to insane buffets, 3am suppers, McDonald's mcgriddles, pepper lunch, sushi tei, wonderful tim sum, a steaming plate of char kway teow and all the local food... Not to mention missing Food King, dear relatives & beloved friends terribly. On the other hand, I'm also happy to say goodbye to some rude people in Singapore (like those who push like nobody's business just to get onto the damn train) and return to NZ. I miss my big bed, the cool weather (autumn is my favourite season) and my friends :)

I also miss this:

My favourite character: Rhasta. Aren't my snakes cool?

Ignore this if you don't play dota :)

And I also miss this sweetie very much: Blackkk!

Speaking of what I miss, here's something I know I love: Bobby's ribs - they are simply the best!

I went there for my birthday, we rushed down to the restaurant before they closed for lunch at 3pm and we were practically running for our food. Arrived breathless at the restaurant and the waiter kindly told us that they just about closed but it's okay, he'll let us in. Yay!

They were having a lunch promotion, which was 40% off the entire bill and a free drink. How cool is that?! You don't need any credit cards or a minimum number of people, just be in time for lunch. I don't know if they're still having the promotion, be sure to give them a call if you wanna find out.

Anyway, I've been going to Bobby Rubinos ever since I was a kid - it's been a place my parents have always taken my sister & myself because of the great food. They've revamped the place since 2006, and they're now known as Bobby's.

I already knew what I wanted before opening the menu - ribs!

I had the Signature Baby Back Pork Ribs. There's 3 different portions to this meal, the first is The Lighter Appetite ($31.5), The Original Portion ($37) and lastly, The "Steel City" Rack ($38.5).

Being the large eater that I am, I had the Steel City Rack, heehee. Upon ordering my dish, Thenesh (the waiter) asked me if I was sharing the ribs and when I said no, he gave me the funniest look ever, before proceeding to tell us that the Steel City Rack has 3 racks of ribs and it's quite a large portion. Hahaha, I guess he didn't know I have a monstrous appetitie :)

My ribs came with 2 sides: fries & coleslaw, but I asked to change my coleslaw to mashed potatoes since I don't like coleslaw.

Food King was wondering what to order (because he doesn't like steak or ribs) and finally decided on Gruyere Chicken ($26) which is basically "boneless chicken with mushrooms and melted mozzarella". He also decided to change his side of seasonal vegetables to mashed potatoes. Thenesh actually advised us not to order the chicken because Bobby's specialities are the ribs and steak but Food King decided to give it a go anyway. Thenesh then said that if Food King tried the chicken and didn't like it, he would talk to the chef and see if he could have another dish. Wow, incredible service. I've always liked the way waiters recommend their speciality and talk about the food.

Our drinks: Coke

So here's my Steel City Rack ribs. My sides came as baked potato and fries (same for Food King) so we called Thenesh over and told him both of us actually ordered mashed potato instead of baked potato. He actually seemed horrified that he made such a mistake, which was pretty funny.

Fries were thick and chunky and they came piping hot so that was really good. One thing that really irks me is cold and limp fries. On the other hand, the ribs were fantastic. I saw the 3 different racks of ribs and I was like "whoa, my favourite!". The meat didn't easily fall off the bone (unlike Cafe Cartel) and the meat was tender and smooth - delicious! It was perfect with the BBQ sauce. These ribs are definitely fit for a king :)

While eating my fries and ribs, I ran out of the delightful BBQ sauce so we asked for more and Thenesh returned with a cup full of the BBQ sauce :D (Another thing that really irks me is when I request for more sauce, restaurants often serve me half the actual size of the cup which is really annoying because I would then have to request for more sauce).

Mashed potato - I guess it's homemade because it didn't taste like those cheap mashed ones you get in 7-11 or KFC, and it was yummy.

Gruyere Chicken

Food King enjoyed this tremendously - I tried it too, and I really like the chicken as well but nothing can beat my ribs! Muhaha. What makes this dish unique from other dishes was the melted mozzarella with the chicken, the chicken was yummy and with each heavenly bite, you can feel the cheese melt in your mouth with the tender meat.

We also wanted to try the South Of The Border Quesadillas ($16) and some of their famous desserts but we ran out of time because we had to rush elsewhere. Am planning to try those the next time we go there :)

Good ambience, they have a bar, pool tables and even a telly to watch the latest football matches. We went to the outlet at Chijmes, so I wouldn't know how it's like at the other outlet at Cuppage. The chairs extend all the way to the fountain at Chijmes and from what I've heard, business has been booming for Bobby's. During the day, sunlight streams in from outside into the restaurant (we sat next to a window) so it's nice and bright and at night, it can be great fun with your friends or romantic with your sweetheart while sitting outside near the fountain :)

View from where we were sitting

The only waiter at the restaurant was Thenesh since we were the only ones eating lunch at 3pm in the restaurant, so here's what I have to say about the service. I thought Thenesh was attentive, polite and well-spoken. In my opinion, he did all the right things to do with customers - recommending the specialities, serving us with a smile, being attentive and the list goes on. We were incredibly pleased with the food and the service. I think Bobby's is definitely one of the 'must go to' restaurants in Singapore.

Here's a picture of Thenesh

Bobby's is open Sunday to Wednesday from 12pm to 1am and Thursday to Saturday from 12pm to 2pm. Be sure to make a reservation especially if you go on weekends!

Chijmes (nearest MRT station is City Hall)
30 Victoria Street B1-03
Phone: 63375477

25-27 Cuppage Road
Cuppage Terrace
Phone: 67343323

There are also special privileges for Citibank credit card & debit card members - 15% off the a-
la-carte menu and 10% off the function menu. You can also check out their dinner promotions at


Anonymous said...

ive tried their prime rib and rib eye, both were good too. nice rib photos although i havent tried tat yet..

Anonymous said...

LOL u played wtf mode haa

Chelsea said...

Bobby's is actually one of my favorite restaurants in Singapore and I've been to both Chijmes and Cuppage. I admit the ambience is a bit different, if you want to mingle with after-work people, then Cuppage is the place to go, but if you're on a date and wish for a more romantic dinner, then Chijmes fore sure.

All of their food are FAB! I love their desserts, especially the Volcano Cake was it, you know, chocolate cake with melted chocolate inside, yummy hehehe...

Pat said...

Yup their volcano cake is the best!

Anonymous said...

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