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Saturday, February 28, 2009

My favourite beef hor fun

I've tried loads of different types of beef hor fun but so far I like this the best. I guess not only because of its taste but also the location. You can try this beef hor fun at Raffles City food court. I find it easy to go there rather then ask Food King to drive me all the way to some hawker area, plus there's air-conditioning in the food court (unlike the open air hawker places). I've managed to eat this 3 times since I've been back, the last time being the 2nd last day I was in Singapore.

Back to the basics. Beef hor fun is a local dish and it's basically flat rice noodles with stir fried beef with gravy and vegetables. You can choose to have it dry or 'wet' (wet just means more gravy).

This beef hor fun with egg costs $5. I wouldn't need to point out which stall I bought it from because there's only one stall there that sells beef hor fun (same for all other food courts).

When you first look at the beef hor fun, the first thing that attracts you is the gravy. They've filled it to the brim! Secondly, the smell is really fragrant and thirdly, it looked really good!

The beef wasn't too soft or too hard, it was tender and well-marinated. They gave quite a lot of beef and hor fun too. The hor fun was pretty smooth and in my opinion, this dish was cooked to perfection :)

There's other places you can also try beef hor fun - I don't know the current standard but yeah here are some of the famous ones: Geylang beef kway teow at Geylang Lorong 9, Bee Kia, Golden Mile, and the list goes on. Stiff competition but then again, I think the beef hor fun at Raffles City food court is just as good plus it's convenient.

A very tasty dish, can't wait till I get back to Singapore to eat this again!
P.S. We also had this - some sweet & sour egg thingy on top with rice and it sucked.

1 comment:

Nat said...

The one at lorong 9 used to be good but now standards have dropped alot. golden mine is not bad