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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Popiah Fiesta, Ford Avenue

I'm glad I can finally say I've eaten delicious popiah in Singapore! Popiah is basically thin flour skins used to wrap different ingredients inside such as cooked veggies, crabmeat, meat, prawns, eggs, etc. If you fry the skin, it is normally known as fried spring rolls but if you leave the skin as it is, it's known as popiah. There's also lots of other stuff people normally add inside such as ginger, cucumber, fried onions, chilli paste, beansprouts and chinese sausages, carrots, all thinly sliced. Two other important factors are the type of sweet sauce used and the quality of the skin you buy.

All the ingredients are kept in separate bowls/containers so that you can pick and choose what you want. I usually like to use 1 and a half skin so that it doesn't break that easily. Fresh lettuce is normally used as a 'base' for the popiah so that when you add the sweet sauce and veggies, the sauce doesn't soak through the skin and break instantly when you pick it up. I still don't really know how to wrap my popiahs properly so my sis was helping me wrap for the 1st popiah marathon :p thanks baboon!

The first place I had popiah at was at this special place in Ford Avenue. See how the ingredients are neatly kept in separate thingys.

Our cooked vegetables were also put in this glass claypot, which I thought was really cool cos you have your own private veggy thingy with a little candle underneath :p I shared one with my sis.

The really good popiah skins from Havelock.

The different sauces, chilli paste and ginger

This was what I put in my popiah - first, just the vegetables. See how my first attempt at making a popiah was terrible! I 'decorated' the sweet sauce, thinking it was supposed to go all round but actually it was supposed to go on the lettuce. Secondly, I didn't even put the lettuce underneath! Thirdly, I put a whole load of garlic on one area without spreading it around the skin which caused me to have an entire mouth filled with garlic, goodness. I almost started tearing.

Vegetables with some crabmeat

I realised I didn't have any lettuce so I put 1 by the side and added some cucumbers, egg and prawns. My sis helped me because I was getting everything wrong, lol. Sadly, I don't have a picture of the final result of all the ingredients inside the popiah for you to see cos I think I was too hungry :(

Big toot in the process of wraping my pretty popiah for me

Here's the end result after big toot helped me wrap my popiah... Tadah! See how pretty my popiah is, unique with the dark sauce spots. Ok anyway, I really like the skin, it makes a huge difference as to how the popiah tastes. It was so good I had like 3 huge popiahs, yay!

There was porridge at another table and I was already so full, but the porridge looked so tasty I couldn't help myself, hehe. Had a bowl, yum yum!

At this point I was desperately trying to cover my tummy that was trying oh-so-hard to emerge. Decided not to go for a second bowl.

For dessert, we had fruits and doughnuts. I didn't try the doughnuts but if you're interested, my mum bought them from this place in Raffles City basement. I can't remember the name at the moment, will update when (and if) I do. Apprently the doughnuts are really good.

I had the sweetest and juiciest fruits! Fruits that I just can't get in nz and/or even if I can, it's neither as fresh or sweet as the ones in Singapore. I miss these type of tropical fruits so much when I'm there :(

Anyway, pics of the doughnuts first. I'm gonna try one of these soon.

The heavenly fruits... From top to bottom:
delicious lychee, strawberries, longans and nangka (jackfruit).

Thanks very much for dinner Aunty J and Uncle R, it was simply fantastic and I'm drooling as I'm finishing this entry. Am already looking forward to next year, muhahaha. :)


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