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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jap food at home

Ahhh... the wonders of enjoying lovely jap food at home, all thanks to my mother :)

We tried 2 different types of seaweed for our california rolls; one was from Japan, the other from China. We ended up throwing away the ones from China because the quality was terrible and the ones from Japan were really good! I think we finished like 2 packets or so.

So here's what we could choose from: crab meat (we brought it over from Singapore), prawns and cucumbers.


Miso soup with seaweed (yum!)


Fried jumbo prawns (from Aussie)


Fried & crispy salmon skin

Delicious, juicy sashimi

Here's how I made my calif roll:

seaweed + rice

After adding the stuff (including mayo)

Trying to fold one side of the seaweed

Tadah. Looks very messy but it was really yummy :)

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Anonymous said...

Jap popiah!