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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hello everybody*!~

Welcome back to Smile For Food.

This is Food King and we apologise for the extremely late posting. I have been busy planning my New Zealand trip with Food Queen and she has been really busy with tests and assignments*!~*!~ So excited about NZ!!!! In cloud 9!!! Hahaahah

Anyway today's entry will be on NYDC, a popular western place in Singapore and they serve mostly pasta and baked rice dishes, although they have other dishes too.

The 4 of us headed down to NYDC in Heeren for dinner and it was pretty crowded in the evening. Btw, the NYDC outside Heeren has been shifted inside and is currently located on the 5th floor, where all the other restaurants are. I thought that was a good move as the weather in Sg has been really hot recently. It's definitely more comfortable to sit in an air-conditioned area rather than the open air concept they had previously.

The only bad thing is that the restaurants inside close when the shopping mall closes, which is like at 11pm so the last order at NYDC might be at 10 or 10.30pm, not too sure. When it was located outside, they could close past 1am so that was pretty cool, especially on weekends when supper goers like myself look for food.

Oven-Baked Specialties - all @ $11.90 each.

It was good to see that all oven-baked specialties are sold at the price of $11.90 each. This dish was ordered by our friend and he was pretty satisfied with the dish although I thought it was so-so. I remembered ordering an oven-baked specialty during my last visit to NYDC with Food Queen but was utterly disappointed with the portion served. It was really little as compared to the baked rice served in Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe.

I didn't feel full after eating it and the price definitely wasn't worth it. The portion of the baked rice in Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe was like 1/3 more than what was served in NYDC, plus the prices in HK Cafe were much more reasonable. Personally, I wouldn't order this because I didn't enjoy the baked pasta I ordered last time plus there are other places that serve larger portions with more reasonable prices.

Braised Lamb Shank @ $17.50

This is one of Food Queen's favourite dishes and if she would to go to a restaurant where they have this, it would be among the choices that would be considered in her decision making process. She made the final choice of ordering lamb shank but when the food came, there was a disappointed look on her face. She was not happy with the portion as they only served one leg as compared to the portions served at other restaurants. The other bad thing was that there was so little meat on the first leg, even the picture looks pathetic. This for $17.50? Uh-uh.

She asked if she could add another portion of the leg at an extra cost but was told that she couldn't. The dish came with two sides (salad & mashed potatoes) and Food Queen tried to change one of the sides to something else and was willing to pay a higher price but was once again, given no as an answer. Their inflexibility really irritated her. Food Queen eats quite a bit of lamb in NZ plus NZ's lamb is of higher quality as compared to the ones in Singapore therefore she wasn't satisfied with the lamb shank served at NYDC. It wasn't worth the price and it wasn't filling, at all.

The Prawn Who Got Creamed @ $15.50

This was what I ordered and it was a new dish featured in the menu. I decided to give it a try and it was a total failure. I will not order this ever again in my life. The cream sauce was so bland and the pasta was soggy. I guessed that it might have been cooked for too long. Imagine the soggy pasta and the bland cream sauce... It was upsetting and the portion was tiny. I won't order this again and I hope I won't see it in the menu, because it pisses me off. The mushrooms were average and the prawns weren't anything special, just normal sized prawns instead of bigger prawns I had expected.

Our other friend ordered

Lasagna @ $13.95

This dish was just average as well but it was definitely much better than the dishes above. I've eaten lots of lasagna before that's why I say this was an average dish - it was nothing fantastic. I would have expected the dish to be a little cheaper though. As you can see, it came with garlic bread which was too hard.

Food Queen and I were still hungry after our main courses so we decided to order something else. In the end, we ordered another lasagna like our friend had, just to fill our hungry stomachs. We were relatively happy and contented after having this.

After dinner, we decided to have dessert! Who can resist NYDC's large variety of mouth-watering desserts? From their famous cheese cakes to their mud pies... Heavenly! NYDC is well known for their desserts so this was a must-have.

Irish Cream mudpie @ $10.95

Although the portion was not as large as the mudpie served in Coffee Club, this mudpie contains alcohol and the alcohol they used was bailey's irish cream. Mmm, my favourite. I will give this a two thumbs up! It was fab. Food Queen and I love this and we would probably come back, just for the desserts. We could have easily finished one on our own so next time we would probably do that instead of sharing, haha.

I happened to meet a friend who was working at NYDC as a manager and he gave us a 25% discount, thanks buddy :)

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