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Friday, March 16, 2012

Ko's Dumpling!!

Here's one of my favourite korean restaurants - Ko's Dumplings!

They serve really tasty and authentic korean food here :)

Fried Dumping (Kunmandu) ($8)

Their fried dumpings here are a must have! They do not have that overly deep fried oil taste and the skin is really crispy. The pork meat inside is sweet and juicy as well. We've tried their Steamed Dumpings before but we like their fried ones better. Btw, we usually order 2 plates of this as one is never enough! :P

Noodle with Black Bean Sauce (Jajangmyun) ($8)

A famous korean dish and one of my absolute favourites is the Jajangmyun! The noodles are chewy and the pork in the black bean sauce brings out the full flavour. If you watch a lot of korean dramas, you would probably be pretty familiar with this dish :P They give lots of sauce so the noodles are not dry and it is so tasty! They have the chinese version of this dish too - if I'm not wrong it's called Zha Jiang Mien.

Noodle in hot soup with seafood, pork and vegetables (Jampong) ($9)

This is one of my Dad's favourites because of the savory spicy soup. It's a healthier option as compared to the Jajangmyun because of all the vegetables - they give quite a bit of cabbage. The noodles are great as usual :) Great to eat on a cold day as the soup is really satisfying.

Sauteed diced chicken and vegetable in hot sauce (Rajogi) ($25)

Decent portion of chicken in their hot sauce and it was scrumptious. We usually eat about 3/4 of this and then take the rest home :) Their chicken mostly consists of flour (what is it? ask mum) and it's healthier than other places that just deep fry their chicken in oil. The onions add flavour as well. A great dish to order, you can't go wrong!

How I wish they would open an outlet in Queenstreet or somewhere in the city because then I'll go to this place waaay more often. The boss in Ko's Dumplings is also really friendly and service here is good :)

42 Paramount Drive
Waitakere, 0610