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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The worst breakfast ever...

Hi everybody, this is Food King.

Welcome back to Smile for Food!!!

I hope that you like the new template. We have decided to use this template because it is brighter and less strenuous on the eyes since our old template was quite dull.

So far in all our entries, there has not been much nasty comments about restaurants but today's entry is about the WORST breakfast that you can ever have.

Welcome to the so called 'adventure' of Carl's Junior

This picture is a property of Carl's Junior Fast Food restaurant.

People who have tried Carl's Junior will enjoy the lunch and dinner set. The huge and wide variety burgers, the refillable drinks and the chilli cheese fries. It is like a much bigger version of Burger King. Despite the awesome lunch and dinner menu, Carl's Junior breakfast is horrible. It was such a huge disappointment for both Food Queen and myself. I had such high expectations for Carl's Junior and what they served was totally unexpected (I get frustrated every time I think about it)!
It was way below expectations. It is going to be the first and the last time that we will be going there for breakfast. Why did you have such high expectations then, you ask. Well, you will see.

We will begin by comparing what we expected and what we eventually received from Carl's Junior.

This is the menu that was placed at the counter of Carl's Junior. At first sight, it looks fantastic! The portion looks huge and it is the big and hearty breakfast that most people will want to lay their hands on. When we saw the breakfast menu, we were drooling!!!

When that day came for us to sink our teeth into Carl's Junior breakfast, we ordered 2 Bacon and Egg burrito meals and 1 hotcakes. We changed our drinks to orange juice and we had 2 packs of hash browns. I have to say that the way they served the hash browns were horrible. The hash browns were sticking together and the portion was quite pathetic - unlike the fries served during lunch or dinner. This was my 1st disappointment. My 2nd disappointment? We also didn't expect the orange juice to be served in 2 small bottles. We might as well have gone for the refillable soft drinks at an extra charge right?

Next we were looking forward to our burritos.

Burrito set meal cost $7.20

Once again, the portion was pathetic and the ingredients inside, even worse. Can somebody please explain to me how the image below is similar to...

... ... THIS!!!!!!

It was totally different and doesn't Carl's Junior know that their burrito looks PATHETIC? Yes, I know I keep using that word but really, I can't find another word that suits it better.

How can they even consider selling the burrito? The picture is so damn misleading. I wouldn't want to use the word "lie" here, but it's so obvious. The picture says it all. They look totally different. I was swearing while I ate that expensive burrito. Food Queen was pretty pissed too.
Just compare the pictures and you will know that it is not even worth considering.

Now, the hotcakes. It was also very misleading...

Hotcakes Ala Carte cost $4.20

This looks like any average hotcakes served in McDonald's, but what made us so upset was the portion shown in the above picture and the portion illustrated on the menu.

Food Queen even asked the counter staff how many hotcakes we would get and they replied "around 6 to 7 hotcakes" (We asked a couple of weeks before we actually tried the breakfast so we couldn't complain about the staff either). AROUND?? How can they not know how many hotcakes they are when they are working there? If they had told us that there would only be 3 hotcakes, we wouldn't even have considered it because we're pretty happy with the ones served in Macs. And when we actually ordered it, there were only 3 hotcakes.
Utter disappointment.

It was the crappiest breakfast we had in a very long time. It was a waste of time (sleeping time, travelling time, eating time), a waste of money, a waste of petrol, a waste of calories and a waste of stomach space. We decided to put this entry not to promote the food but to bring attention to Carl's Junior lovers and people who are thinking of going to Carl's Junior for breakfast that the breakfast isn't as "hot as it seems to be".

Although I like their lunch and dinner menu, their breakfast was HORRIBLE.
Postnote: I have added the price for Carl's Junior breakfast for our readers. Our breakfast cost $18.60 (2 burrito set meal and 1 hotcakes Ala Carte)
Carl's Junior, do you know what this is? MISLEADING ADVERTISING.


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That sucks!!

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the burrito looks like shit

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whoa that's so expensive!