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Monday, March 9, 2009

Suan Thai

The search is over, I've finally found a nice place that has really authentic thai food: Suan Thai - and even better, they have a delicious buffet! Well actually I didn't 'discover' Suan Thai, Kor Kor did. We went to the one located at Liang Court (Clark Quay area) basement so I guess not many people have heard about it. We went for lunch on a Saturday for my post bday celebration. Hehe I know, who actually has pre-bday celebrations, actual day celebrations and post bday celebrations?! I can't help it, I guess I always try to find a excuse to celebrate with good food & good company. Anyway, it wasn't really crowded which was good because it sucks to go on a weekend buffet when it's so crowded and the food isn't up to its normal standards. I'm glad to announce that Suan Thai's food was terrific!

We had the Eat All You Can Ala-carte Daily Buffet, and we chose the Standard Menu. There's 2 menus: the first is the Budget Menu and the second is the Standard Menu. Lunch prices for the Standard Menu from monday to friday would be $18.90 per person ($11 for kids [4-10 yrs old]), dinner from monday to thursday would be $20.90 per person and dinner from friday to sunday and eve of public holidays would be $21.90 per person.

You can also add $1.50 extra for free flow of pineapple rice and $1.99 for free flow of ice lemon tea (per person). Meaning you can't get a glass of ice lemon tea, refill it and share it with 6 other people (if that was what you were thinking).

The only difference between the Standard Menu and the Budget Menu is the items you can order. The Standard Menu has dishes that you can only order once as well. Like the boneless stuffed chicken wing, the thai style chicken satay, etc.

Right, so the 6 of us had the Standard Menu buffet and this is what we ordered...

Tom Yam Soup with Mixed Seafood (limited to 1 order per person)

Oh boy, this was so spicy. Like seriously. I took the tiniest sip and I could feel my tongue burning. A split second later, my throat started burning too. Goodness. I can eat spicy food but this was beyond spicy, this was the king of spicyness! This is really good stuff but the most I could go for was 3 spoon fulls before surrendering.

Thai Style Fish Maw Soup with Chicken

Yes, this dish was again limited to one person. I quite liked the soup and I thought the fish maw was pretty fresh.

Next up we had Pomelo Salad

This salad was pretty refreshing because of the unexpected bursts of pamelo which made it pretty juicy and rather sweet.

Thai sweet chilli sauce

Boneless Stuffed Chicken Wing (limited to 1 order per person)

This was one of their specialities and it was really tasty. Since this is the Standard Menu, you get boneless chicken wings whereas in the budget menu, the chicken wings aren't boneless. Easy to eat this plus the meat was tender and juicy. The chicken came piping hot and the skin was crispy. Sadly, since this was a limited dish we couldn't order more :(This is probably my 2nd favourite dish at Suan Thai.

White Rice

Thai Fish Cake

This fishcake is rather unique, a little spicy but overall quite tasty.

Chicken wrapped in Pandan Leaf

This is easily one of the best dishes there. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the chicken inside :( so you can only look at the leaves... lol. The chicken had a full flavoured taste and it had the wholesome aroma of the pandan leaves.

Lala (Shellfish) with thai chilli paste

In case you didn't know, Lala means Shellfish. Anyway, we tried this and it was pretty good. The seafood was fresh and the sauce was unique. Slightly spicy.

Thai Baby Ka Lan with Salted Fish - not bad

Clear Noodle Salad

Now this was surprisingly good. The clear noodles mixed with the vegetables had a mostly sourish taste, complete with lots of cashnew nuts and mushrooms. Slightly spicy because of the chilli but overall a very satisfying dish. We ordered this twice.

Thai Spring Roll

This wasn't one of my favourites.

Chicken with Basil Leaves

This went really well with rice however it was a tad bit salty. The basil leaves give off a pleasant smell and the meat was tender. A very tasty dish.

Here's my favourite dish at Suan Thai - the Thai Style Chicken Satay (limited to 1 order per person) Omg, it was so good! Each satay stick had huge chunks of meat and the meat was really tender and a little sweet. Extremely satisfying. I wanted to order more immediately after finishing my first stick but sadly, it's limited to one person per order :( The satay here is unlike the Singaporean satay that Singaporeans usually eat, it's better. Yes, it is.

Green Curry with Chicken/Beef

We chose chicken as our meat for the green curry. This usual crowd pleaser wasn't up to it's normal standards - it was far too sweet. We told the manager Paul, and he kindly told us he would inform the chef. The chicken inside was good and we finished the whole bowl anyway. I would have ordered another bowl but we were really too full.

Deep Fried Beancurd with with Thai Sauce

I know the picture doesn't look that appealing but it's because I only took the picture when everyone else had already taken their share, haha. Don't worry, it's nicer than it looks.

Papaya Salad

The papaya salad looks really similar to the mango salad but they taste pretty different. Both are good although I think majority of our group preferred the mango salad.

Mango Salad

'Panang' curry with slice fish fillet

The fish was quite fresh and the curry was superb. This dish wasn't as spicy as the others, so it'll give your tastebuds a rest before continuing with the spicier dishes :)

All the curries went extremely well with rice and I really like the meat served at Suan Thai.

By this time all of us were really full. Next time what I would like to try is the deep fried squid with butter sauce (sounds heavenly!) and perhaps the deep fried fish fillet with lemon grass and chilli.

Now for dessert. Yes, you do get dessert (if you're still able to eat!). Self service at a small buffet table.

Thai Red Ruby

The ice is mixed with syrup and the red thing you see in the bowl is red ruby. There is water chestnut inside the red ruby and is a little crunchy. I really liked this dessert, I think it was the first time I tried it. You can also mix your ice and syrup with coconut milk because it makes it sweeter. I was pondering over this when Paul came up and advised me on how to have this dessert. Very kind of you, thanks Paul! I had about 3 small bowls of this, mmm.

Helping myself to the ice and syrup

Next, Tapioca with Coconut Milk

Tapioca is root starch extracted from an underground plant. Yes, it is edible and is actually quite yummy. I've mixed it with coconut milk and it was quite sweet. Very enjoyable.

And to end off a very enjoyable buffet, we had fruits.

This is Paul, the manager. Paul was attentive, polite and helpful when we were trying to decide which dishes to order. He gave some suggestions which proved to be pretty useful.

Thanks for your great service, we've really enjoyed dining at Suan Thai and we'll definitely be back for more. Superb food, great ambience, great service & last but not least, awesome company. I was impressed with the good quality and the variety of dishes. All the chefs are also Thai, which is a thumbs up.

Apart from the dishes that we ordered, there's also stir fried fish with soya sauce, stir fried fish with chinese celery, stir fried mixed vegetable with oyster sauce, chicken/beef/beancurd with cashew nuts, just to name a few.

Liang Court
117 River Valley Road, Liang Court
Phone: 6338 4770

Killiney Road
101 Killiney Road
Phone: 6235 4126


Jen said...

They have a large buffet spread which was gd so u dun get sick of the food. their bbq squid and king prawns are my fav

Anonymous said...

Good buffet although i thought they would have phad thai^^

Michelle said...

WHOAHHHH!!! I BURPED A FEW TIMES while reading your blogg.. ahhah full from pasta hehehes.. but DAMN!! i want some thai food now!! =]P

sounds like you had an awesome time eating all that good stuff!! OMGSH I MISS TOM YAM SOUP! are you bringing me there next time i go back?? hehehes how did you get the manager to help you man??

that's sooo awesome !! YOU really should think about becoming a food critic heheh ! you're awesome at it!!

Michelle said...

WHOAHHHH!!! I BURPED A FEW TIMES while reading your blogg.. ahhah full from pasta hehehes.. but DAMN!! i want some thai food now!! =]P

sounds like you had an awesome time eating all that good stuff!! OMGSH I MISS TOM YAM SOUP! are you bringing me there next time i go back?? hehehes how did you get the manager to help you man??

that's sooo awesome !! YOU really should think about becoming a food critic heheh ! you're awesome at it!!

Anonymous said...

The Thai boneless chicken wing looks really damn delicious! Would wish for one right now. =D

And Very Nice Blog! Keep up the good work and keep the delicious food pics coming!

Chun Wing

Anonymous said...

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