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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcome to the PUMProom!

Dear readers,

this is Food King and today's topic will be on The Pump Room. We went to the outlet at Great World City and they have another outlet at Clark Quay.

They opened in early Dec 2006 and they have a live band and a bar too, which was pretty cool. The interior of the restaurant looked unique with coloured glass bottles kept behind glass frames acting as a decor.

We went with 6 of our eating kakis, including my older brother who is friends with the manager there so he was the one who ordered the appetizers while the rest of us just ordered our main courses.

Our appetizers came together and it was really appealing. I believe that some of the appetizers here are not shown in the menu because we couldn't find them there. I guess my brother's friend was giving us something different to try. Wow...

This is called Cheesy Garlic Bread and it's just garlic bread with cheese on top of it. Although it's simple, but the extra layer of melted cheese gave the garlic bread more taste. It was deliciously cheesy and my tastebuds were dancing for joy with each cheesy bite. However I am glad that they did not cover all the bread with cheese because if that was the case, the cheese would probably be too overwhelming and the garlic bread flavour would be lost. Price: $8

This dish is not found in the menu and it's similar to tempura and we dipped it in the sauce that tasted like thousand island. It tasted a little like soft shell crab and fish as it was crunchy on the outside yet soft on the inside. A rather sinful dish because it's deep fried but it was yummy!

This soup is called Spiced Roasted Butternut Pumpkin Soup with Freshly Baked
Bush Damper. Price: $8

I think this is the longest name I have ever seen for a bowl a soup. Although it sounds unique, the soup wasn't actually nice and it had a weird flavour. It's a good thing we only ordered 1 bowl because the 6 of us didn't even finish it. Food Queen and myself has tried different types of good pumpkin soup however this soup was not up to our expectations, and I guess to my fellow eating kakis because none of us actually liked it. The nuts gave off a weird flavour that didn't complement the soup and we couldn't actually taste the pumpkin. Disappointment.

This is the second dish that we couldn't find on the menu.

I guess it is some special order that my brother requested from his friend although when I later asked him, he said everyone was on the menu... but he's quite forgetful so let's leave it at that =P This was chicken drumlets covered in BBQ sauce which was quite tasty. The meat wasn't too hard and it tasted just nice. The drumlets disappeared at a very fast rate, haha. I guess because all of us were hungry and the drumlets tasted wonderful.

The pumpkin soup was an example to show that even if we are hungry and the food tasted bad, nobody will eat it. =P

Fisherman's Basket: Battered Prawns, Scallops and Crabcake with Chips @ $26.

One of our kakis had the fisherman's basket and she wasn't really happy eating this. She started out enjoying the food but it wasn't long before she lost her appetite. She said that the food was too oily and everything was fried, so it was rather boring. Eating too much fried food can be too heaty and it makes you thirsty. Plus you get full pretty fast because of the oil... Not really a good choice. Moreover for the price of $26, it really wasn't worth the money. The actual serving is just like what was shown in the picture and there were lots of fries at the bottom. I don't think you want to pay $26 for a basket of fries because you might as well go to the nearest fast food restaurant.

Grilled Cod on Garlic Mash, Oven-Dried Tomatoes, Baby Spinach and Olive Tapenade Sauce @ $29

Another kaki and I ordered this Grilled Cod and it was satisfying. I liked the type of fish they used and the fish meat was soft and there wasn't too much seasoning so the dish was relatively simple but it brought out the full flavour of the fish. The sauce was a little bland but it went well with the fish. I guess this is one of the healthier dishes as most of them are grilled. The sad part about the grilled cod was the serving because it was a little too small for me and I wasn't full after eating it. $29? Would probably think twice next time.

Spaghetti with Lobster, Fresh Tomatoes, Chilli, Garlic, Basil and White Wine @ $28

This was Food Queen's main dish and she wasn't happy with this dish at all. White wine? Couldn't taste any. The pasta sauce was extremely bland and there was practially no ingredients apart from the pathetic portion of lobster which by the way, didn't even look like lobster (It looked more like crayfish, and they should probably call it baby lobster). This definitely wasn't worth $28. Although you might argue that lobster is expensive, the portion was honestly pathetic and the pasta wasn't even done el dente style; it was rather soft and limp.

Personally I find that the name of the dish is so funny. Fresh tomatoes... Hmm... Am I right to say that if they don't put the word fresh, we would be served with tomatos that aren't as fresh?

Choice of Prime Grain-Fed Steaks:
Sirloin @$30
Ribeye @$32
Tenderloin @$36

served with your choice of:
Tasmanian Bush Pepper Sauce or Sauce Diane
Fresh Vegetables or Crisp Salad
Thick-Cut Fries or Sautéed Potatoes

This picture doesn't do this dish any justice at all. Perhaps we were too hungry and didn't take a good picture. This is the Ribeye steak. He had it medium well done because he doesn't like his meat bloody. The meat was cooked to perfection and the thick sauce went well with the steak. The potatoes were not bad.

Hickory-Smoked BBQ Baby Backed Ribs in Special Beer Marinade @ $28

I didn't try this dish but Food Queen thought it was so-so. She prefers the ribs at Bobby's or Stuart Anderson. To be honest, it wasn't really fantastic so she can't even remember how it tasted, haha.

After we finished with our main courses, it was time for dessert! The 6 of us ordered quite a bit, actually...

2 of us including Food Queen ordered this:

Stickydate Pudding with Butterscotch and Vanilla Ice Cream @ $10

Personally I thought this dessert was just average and nothing fanastic but I absoutely love the presentation. My perception of pudding wasn't like this because I was expecting a soft jelly pudding but it seemed more like a fruit cake to me. Most of us thought this was just an average dessert... I guess the taste didn't suit our taste buds. Food Queen thought it was not bad, she thought the butterscotch and vanilla ice cream complemened the stickydate pudding and she enjoyed it. The warm pudding and the cold ice cream was a rather good combination.

Soft Centred Pavlova with Summer Berry and Passionfruit Curd @ $10

This dessert looks really cute and colourful with it's presentation. Initially the taste was not bad but over time, the sourish taste was too much to handle and all of us had difficulty eating this so we didn't finish it. Food Queen refused to touch anything else except the berries later on, haha. Perhaps they could think about making it less sour.

Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding with Bailey’s Ice Cream @$10

Finally... the best dessert in the house! Chocolate pudding with Bailey's ice cream... Mmm... Even the name sends shivers down my spine. I loved this and I would definitely patronize The Pump Room again, just for this dish. The warm chocolate pudding was just delicious, the chocolate pudding was extremly chocolately and warm... You have to eat it with the bailey's ice cream to taste the full flavour that comes out. Everyone loved this dish and Food Queen said that her tastebuds were in ecstasy and she wished she had ordered this instead of the stickydate pudding. It's something worth craving for and it was so good that we ordered 3!

The only flaw was that the last chocolate pudding was served with vanilla's ice cream, not bailey's... The staff made a mistake.

The live band only came on about 9.30pm but the songs were quite good and it was nice chatting and listening to the music. Ambience wise, a little dim but a good place to relax and chill with a couple of drinks. I probably wouldn't come back to eat the main courses but perhaps just the appetizers and most definitely, the desserts.

Operating hours @ Clarke Quay
12 Noon to 3am - Monday to Thursday.
12 Noon to 5am Fridays and Saturdays
11.30am to 3am - Sundays.

Meal hours - 12 Noon to 10pm.
Brunch - 11.30am to 2.30pm (Sundays).
Light Bites 12 Noon until 2am.

The Pump Room @ Clarke Quay
3B River Valley Road,
The Foundry, Clarke Quay
#01-09/10, Singapore 179021
Tel (65) 6334 2628
Fax (65) 6338 9145 (Restaurant)
Fax (65) 6338 1532 (Office)

Operating hours @ Great World
10am to 1am- Monday to Sunday.
10am to 2am Fridays and Saturdays
and eve of PH

The Pump Room @ Great World
1 Kim Seng Promenade,
#01-66/67 Great World City
Singapore 237994
Tel (65) 6887 3229
Fax (65) 6887 5778 (Restaurant)
Fax (65) 6338 1532 (Office)


Anonymous said...

Whoa... that's alot of food!

Laureen said...

hey christine!

this is such a great website!! i bet one day it'll become a very very popular website!

anyway u should come to northshore. there's really good food i haf to recommend to u. must put it up on ur blog too!

take care!!

Fang said...

Didnt know they had one at great world.. i always go to the one at clark quay to drink