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Friday, March 16, 2012

Peaceful Pond

Went with Food King to feed ducks at a pond. It was a warm day and we went in the evening bringing lots of bread...

The duckling was so cute! As we threw the bread, the mum made sure the duckling got enough to eat while dad stayed protective and alert of the surroundings. Aww...

Doesn't it look peaceful? We were the only ones there at that time... A moment that will never be forgotten.

More ducks got attracted by our feed and came waddling up to us... They were adorable! The ducklings were pretty big here and they gobbled up the food pretty quick. They ate till dad called them to go swimming back home, hahaha.

Mum and her babies

One of New Zealand's birds, the Pukeko, came over to join us too. Food King was fascinated by them because it's not a bird you can see anywhere, haha. They were rather cautious of us and stayed a safe distance away.