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Friday, March 16, 2012

Rainbow's End

Hey guys, how have you been? Welcome to Rainbow's End, NZ's theme park. Food Queen has been here about 7 times and it was my 1st time for me =)

The pictures here do look boring bcoz we honestly couldn't be bothered taking pics of all the rides plus it did rain a little in the late afternoon so the grounds were wet and muddy.

Anyway, we went on the Scorpion Karts first. Go-karts where you can go 8 rounds and you can bang into other people haha.

We also went on the Family Go-karts. This was really fun and Food Queen and I sat together in 1 go-kart while she drove. Hahah her driving skills are fantastic. She went racing and did sudden left and right turns, almost making us crash 3-4 times. Our kart skidded quite badly at one point and she stopped the kart for a split second before we crashed into the "safety tyres".

Bear in mind that in Singapore's theme park (Escape Theme Park), this same type of go-kart is only allowed to be driven by people with a driver's license. They use real fuel here (is this right) and the motor is quite strong? (correct?) therefore it was fun to see everyone doing this in NZ. Singapore can be pretty strict at times, lol.

We also went on the 3D indoor Motion Master ride, Pirate Ship, Log Flume, Power Surge, Cinema 180, Bumper Boats, etc. The main ride we didn't go on was Fearfall, 18th storey free fall from the sky at 80km/h. I'm not a fan of rollercoasters =P

After playing on the rides, we stopped over for lunch. We ate some disgusting lasagna for like $8. =( The worst lasagna I've ever had in my entire life.

This is the Corkscrew Coaster. Scary but fun, haha. It started drizzling at this point so most of the crowd went home the waiting queues went down to less than half.

This was taken when we were on the Goldrush, a fun rollercoaster through an abandoned goldmine. One of our favourites.

Taken when we were about to go down on the coaster. Food Queen's hand was shaking hence the blurry pic, haha.

Bumper cars has always been one of my favourite rides so we went on Dodgems.

They also have other kiddy rides in Castle Land, a place where kids can ride non-scary coasters.

A small theme park which was rather disappointing at some parts but it was still fun going there with Food Queen. =)