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Friday, March 16, 2012


What's this, another Indian place? Yup, it's called Xotic and is located at Te Irirangi Dr. I honestly don't know how this place is still surviving. Food King and I decided to try this place because our favourite Indian place (Raviz) was closed and Food King was craving for butter chicken. They had some special lunch set for $10 which includes the main course, drinks, rice and naan. We both agreed that it sounded too good to be true and the food would (most probably) be crap but we still decided to try. True enough, the food was crap.

Butter Chicken Lunch Set

Didn't bother taking a picture of my own curry, they both looked about the same. The naan was burnt quite badly and it was quite hard, tasted really bad. Random coriander was just thrown on the rice and the curry tasted diluted and watery. In other words, tasteless. The rice was soggy as well. Don't remember much about the service, the food was horrifying enough.

Since then, we've steered clear of this place - the food at Raviz is definitely much more satisfying.